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is your online persona better than you?

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yesterday, i got home a little early from work just in time to catch the last of daytime talk shows. time to time, i like to catch up. on “the tyra banks show” tyra interviewed perez hilton, famed celebrity gossip blogger.

perez hilton is known to have ruffled some celebrity feathers and make viscious remarks about them online, yet he maintains legions of fans and followers. when asked does he feel bad about things he has said in the past, he shrug his shoulders and simply said “no.” his reason? perez hilton is another person, and perez says those things. hilton, born Mario Lavandeira, explained perez hilton is “entertainment” and implied he’s an “alter-ego.” really?

on the same day, while studying for my “global impact of communication technologies” class, i viewed one of the assigned links, a TED presentation by mena trott on giving regular people the power to share their lives through blogging. trott has been coined the “mother of the blogosphere.”

in her 2006 talk, she mentioned a not-so-personal blog about her day to day life and the things in it that may have had about four followers. blogs she’d written that were more personal and open about her life had many more followers.

in these two bloggers, we see how and online reading audiene in intriged by an alter -ego of a writter who, in person would probably never say the things he writes and interested in another writer’s broadcast of her life.

creating an online persona can be tricky. is a blog as good as the writer writing or the alter-ego personality? in any case, if you are building your clientele, your blog should be interesting enough to be tweeted, shared, bookmarked, emailed and so on, right?!?!

in online pr, i strive to meet my client’s needs by reaching as many people possible in their targeted audience, have them viewed in a positive and honest light, and transition their audience from followers to clientele.

i encourage my clients to write their own blog material so their followers know them and can choose to trust them as regular people. my clients are confident in their expertise and are comfortable standing behind themselves and their brand. they repeatedly deliver high-quality products and services to their customers. this is shown through referrals (tweets, shares, bookmarks, and email!) – the finest compliment that can be received (taken from my realtor’s email signature)!


Written by Leah Denise Wyatt

September 9, 2009 at 6:39 pm

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