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public relations is not advertising

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“oh, yeah. public relations. that’s like advertising right?”


the big distinction between advertising and public relations is paid ad space and free publicity. when advertising, you will always pay for ad space in a paper, a commercial on tv, a banner ad on a website, and so on. public relations will get you an article in the paper, an interview with a reporter, positive mention in front of a large audience and more – all at no cost.

another strong distinction between public relations and advertising is the level of creative control. since you are paying for the ad, you control what goes in it, how long it runs for and where it goes. on the other hand, when a press release is sent to the media, you have no control over how the media presents the your information, whether they decide to cover your information and for how long. this is why having a good strategist and relationship building is so important.

you want your message to be positive… you want it to be viral… you want it to have a long shelf life.

a public relations strategist will advise you on how best to engage with your publics, while being shed in the most positive light.

what yields the higher return?

the beauty of public relations is free publicity.

david michaelson, president of echo research and his research partner don stacks, a public relations professor at the university of miami found there is “no simple answer” when exploring the difference in the results from advertising and pr.

if you are just getting started, focus your energy in public relations. get to know your audience and allow your audience to get to know you! public engagement is a constant. there should be no end date nor  time constraints. simply be part of an ongoing conversation and interject your expertise to further the dialogue.

the social web is reshaping public relations as we now know it. i will discuss the inter-connectivity of the two in a later post in the ‘public relations defined‘ series.


Written by Leah Denise Wyatt

April 20, 2010 at 8:30 am

triangle, charlotte, asheville among Forbes’ 25 best places for doing business

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triangle, charlotte, asheville among Forbes’ 25 best places for doing business. i’m glad i live in durham, north carolina!

Written by Leah Denise Wyatt

April 19, 2010 at 2:59 pm

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public relations defined

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you may heard the term “bad pr” when a celebrity perceived as perfect does the unthinkable, or when a major auto maker suddenly has a slue of recalls and is blamed for nearly 20 deaths nation-wide. but what does that mean?

“good pr” creates a positive persona, or perception of a person or a brand, or a person as a brand. pr strives to ensure a brand is shed in the most positive light possible.

the public relations society of america (prsa) defines public relations as: public relations helps and organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other.

the role of a public relations person or team manages communication between the public and the organization. public relations has many functions to accomplish this communication including:

  • media relations
  • community relations
  • consumer relations
  • industry relations
  • governmental relations
  • political campaign management
  • interest-group representation
  • conflict mediation
  • employee relations
  • investor relations

public relations specialists must understand the attitudes and concerns of community, consumer, employee, and public interest groups to establish and maintain cooperative relationships between them and representatives from print and broadcast journalism. the bureau of labor statistics provides an overview of pr specialists in its 2010-11 occupational handbook.

public relations vs marketing

the line between marketing and pr is often blurred. in my opinion the distinction lies between the relation to profit and people.

marketing promotes the transfer of goods and services from the producer and provider to the consumer. public relations helps an organization and its publics adapt mutually to each other.
marketing‘s immediate goal is sales. public relations‘ immediate goal is mutual understanding or positioning of the organization with its publics.
marketing‘s implicit goal is profit. public relations‘ implicit goal is positive perceptions and predispositions.
marketing‘s measure of success is the number of sales and/or the revenue it generates. public relations‘ measure of success is expressed public opinion or other evidence of public suppor
northern kentucky university

what  does pr have to do with me?

a strong, positive relationship with your public can yield positive benefits for your business. through public relations, you can build trust among your audience, and turn them into customers, or supporters of your cause if you are a non-profit. if you are building a personal brand, relationships will encourage people to tell others about you.

public relations will allow you to control the story of your business. you want to control what people know about the business and how the business is perceived.

in my public relations series, i will cover functions of public relations and how it will help you build your business and your brand. more to come.

Written by Leah Denise Wyatt

April 13, 2010 at 5:57 pm

30 sites help guide site navigation

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you know you need a website, but have no idea what it should look like or how it should function? here are 30 examples of attractive navigation by Joel Reyes.

be inspired to use the language in this post that describes good, navigational web design. get ideas to make your website attractive for your user and think of themes that will grab the attention of your visitors-turned customers.

Written by Leah Denise Wyatt

April 10, 2010 at 9:46 pm

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