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innovation comes from social scenes

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Illustration: Jason Holley

Illustration: Jason Holley

“…innovation comes from social scenes, from passionate and connected groups of people” said Kevin Kelly in a September 2010 conversation with Wired on “Where Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation.”

we often think of innovation as the result of one idea by one genius, however an idea can be thought of as connections in our brains and among people – the result of ecologies and networks, kelly explains.

as a knowledge management strategist and supporter of communities of practice in both the private sector and in global health, i find this conversation fascinating as the term “innovation” has just about become a “buzz” word. this article redefines innovation and forces me to recall the birthplace of a ideas so they may be used to improve practice.

social innovation has afforded small business owners the ability to engage with whom they serve like never before. the social web provides an opportunity to create a community around your product or service. the community of people surrounding your product or service makes your offering greater. without the people, without the ecological framework of ideas, how much can you improve on your own?

engage, my friend. make connections. innovate.

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Written by Leah Denise Wyatt

October 28, 2010 at 2:58 pm