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stop being annoying on facebook

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this may be just a minor rant, but seriously… do you HAVE to abuse all of the facebook features made available to you? use the features in moderation, not to yell at people! a local company is annoying me on facebook. I’ll refer to them as “company a.”

when company a opened their doors, they created a group page in facebook. this was for friends of the owners and a place to give moral support. as company a grew their customer base, they decided to create a like page, (there were over 300 people on the group page already). on the group page, they begged and pleaded for their community members to go over to the like page. no one would budge.

the like page now has a fraction of the followers the group page has and is used to post the same content as the group page. multiple times during the week, the owner sends an email blast to everyone on the group page telling them about the musical guest performances, posts it on the group and like page walls, and sends everyone an event invitation! oh my goodness. overkill, right? where my real annoyance is, not only do they yell and scream at you and tell you to come to their event, but they do very little to respond to people who dare to post on their wall!

“so its okay for you to yell at me, and tell me what to do, but i can’t get a simple reply to my question about your menu? “

not okay.

stop being so annoying

  1. i understand wanting to reach your consumer three different ways… but that refers to 3 different platforms (i.e. facebook, twitter, email), not 3 ways in facebook!
  2. choose one or two features in facebook and stick with it. since company a usually has more than one guest performance in one week, use the event function and your wall to inform us. if facebook thinks your post important enough to show up in my news feed, i’ll find the information – otherwise, i’ll see you in my events.
  3. stop using the inbox feature. i don’t know you like that, we aren’t friends, i just like your food and atmosphere.
  4. turn the group page into a place where we can talk about the city and music. or the city and cocktails. or music. or cocktails. make this a place for good conversation. use your like page to promote your restaurant.

i hope i’ve made myself clear. please stop yelling at me on facebook. its annoying.


Written by Leah Denise Wyatt

February 17, 2011 at 9:47 pm