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Yes, I am the inescapable, theĀ irresistible,
The unnegotiable, the unchallenged
I am time

I scroll in measurements, control the elements,
I hold the evidence, I tell the story
I am time

I know no prejudice, I bare no sentiments
For wealth or settlement, I move forward
I am time

You can’t recover me, conceal or smuggle me,
Retreat or run from me, crawl up or under me,
You can’t do much for me besides serve
Me well and have good dividends returned to you
Or attempt to kill me off and have me murder you
Many have wasted me but now they are facing me,
Treated me unfaithfully and now endure me painfully
Plaintively, I wait to see what history will shape to be,
Who’s hearts will never die inside the sake of me
Angel’s scribe the page for me,
Keep a full account of all the names for me
And make a special mark for Hurricane who patiently

Excerpt from “Time” by Yasiin Bey also known as Mos Def from the Hurricane Soundtrack

These are the lyrics to one of my favorite songs. It provides prospective on how humans can or cannot use time – which can so easily escape us.

Building your brand’s online presence takes time. How much time you spend is completely up to you. The time you spend investing in your online persona is evident as every post is time stamped. Visible time stamps weigh into the public’s perception of how much you invest in engaging online.

Time is a valuable commodity you invest in building your onlineĀ presence. Let me advise you on how best to use your time to build your brand and engage with your target audience online.



Written by Leah Denise Wyatt

December 5, 2012 at 6:17 pm