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Leah D. Gordon is a public relations consultant and knowledge management specialist with over 10 years of experience serving a variety of clients from local government agencies to small business retailers. Leah is co-author of “Knowledge Management for Data Use and Decision Making for International Public Health.” She provides training in communication strategy, image development, building and managing online communities of practice, and effective use of online and traditional media to meet business objectives. She leverages multiple, no to low cost social media platforms to strengthen web presence.

She specializes in building public relations and communication strategies for multi-million dollar publicly funded projects in the transportation and global health development sectors, both domestically and internationally.

The portfolio provides examples work that integrates her expertise in public relations and knowledge management.

web-based community building

Leah provides social media strategy, social media account management, and online/offline community engagement coaching to organizations, event planning teams and individuals.

Marry Durham on Twitter and Facebook

public relations

The Marry Durham event (March 2011) attracted over 2,000 citizens of Durham, NC and continues to receive national press coverage.

Marry Durham press coverage

This report outlines the public and community relations strategy executed while working for TriMet, one of the nation’s leading mass transportation agencies.

Community Affairs Report, TriMet 2004

community development

While at TriMet, Leah helped to support and develop small businesses during a long construction period that impacted their foot traffic. I became part of the business community, linking members to resources and provided technical services to help their businesses thrive through a difficult transition period.

Business Support Program, Trimet 2004

content management

As a content manager, Leah ensures information is presented around users’ needs. Web analytics and usage surveys help to inform the direction of the website below.

MEASURE Evaluation


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